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. . Best Answer: Your symptoms do sound like IBS, which isn't something to ignore, it can be very debilatating. Causes and diagnosis of medical symptom My stomach hurts with references to diagnosis, testing, and other symptoms. . People . . . . Health Issues . . My stomach hurts, but I don't have diarrhea, and I'm not hungry. In any given month, 10 to 15 percent of kids ages 5 and up have abdominal pain. What should I do? Unfortunately, without knowing more specifics, I wouldn't be able to help pinpoint what might beBest Answer: could be acid reflux or indigestion (especially if you're lying down right after a meal)A few days out of the week my stomach has been hurting when I wake up in the morning It s kind of a queasy feeling Like sick to my stomach I thought maybe it could be because . . . Although you can usually tell if your child's caught a stomach bug -- she'll have vomiting or . . If you have a mixture of constipation followed by diahrea and . Digestive Disorders . This is sometimes hard to do when your . "Stomach hurts after eating?" - Find the answer to this question and millions more on Yahoo!7 Answers. The purpose of a bland diet is to give the digestive system a rest period. . I've tried laxatives and something my doctor gave me that is similar to pepto bismal. . . . My son is 15 yrs old and has just stopped taking acutane, now he is complaining of his stomach hurting every morning. . . Do you frequently feel like your stomach hurts or has pain after meals or even all the time? If so then today I'll reveal the 3 most common causes of chronic stomach pain and . Do you frequently wonder "why does my stomach hurt"? If so then today I'll provide the top 3 reasons for why your stomach always hurts or why you experience chronic stomach . Performed by: The Tony Rich Project Written by: Tony Rich Credits: Rich, Tony (Songwriter); HITCO MUSIC (Publisher) JavaScript should be enabled in order to view lyricsFind out all about stomach hurts, including the most common causes and treatments from leading medical experts. . . . The acutane worked wonderful and he had no side effects. Read and post user submissions about Stomach Hurts at MedicationsBland diets are recommended for calming an upset tummy or for general digestive problems. It hasn't worked. . To register please click here. Stomach hurts after I eat. . . Having GERD symptoms? Gallstones symptoms? Find out . It appears you have not yet registered with our community. . Wondering about your stomach pains? Shape shares the most common causes of stomach pain and offers advice on what to do next. . I've been eating close to nothing but my stomach still hurts. The child has to feel that their parents believe them when they say their stomach hurts, and that they are not "faking" the pain.

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